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Our Services

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Mon - Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Self Employed and Small Business Tax Returns

HST/GST, WSIB returns and Payroll Services

Accounting & Book-keeping

  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Assistance in Audit with CRA or any other Govt. Bodies
  • Company Incorporation and Business Registration
  • Accounting system set-up and training
  • Truck Authorities and Permits
  • Filings for IFTA and Highway Use Tax reports (HUT)
  • Advice for Safety Complian

We understand and analyze the latest tax law changes. We can help you get the most out of your return. Our services are Affordable, Convenient, Accurate and above your Expectations.

If you have missed any of your filing deadlines for previous tax years, or just simply need some help or questions answered we welcome your calls @ (416) 300 6096.

Our Tax Accountants are trained to handle from most simple to most complicated tax returns including the followings:

  • Single Parent returns.
  • Married couple tax returns.
  • Family tax returns.
  • Student returns.
  • Seniors returns.
  • Self employed tax returns
  • Salaried and commission employee returns.
  • Truck Driver returns.
  • Rental returns.
  • Non-resident returns.
  • Returns with disability credits.
  • Business returns.
  • New Immigrants returns.
  • Social Assistance and Benefit returns.
  • Provincial tax credit returns.
  • Capital Gains (Losses) returns.
  • Returns with Stock Option Benefit and Deduction.
  • Returns with Clergy Residence/losses of other years Deduction.
  • Terminal return for a deceased person
  • Self Employed and Small Business Tax Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • HST/GST, WSIB returns and Payroll Services

For a typical owner managed Canadian Corporation, Our Services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements (Balance sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statements etc)
  • Filing of corporate federal T2 Tax return and attachments
  • Filing of a provincial tax return and attachments
  • Income tax planning for optimal distribution of income
  • Preparation of associated T4 /T4A filings
  • Filing associated GST, PST return
  • Coordination with individual filings

Incorporate your business

Getting/Canceling Business Number and all relevant accounts, Vendor’s Permit etc

Assistance in winding up your business